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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Syphus Training™?

    Syphus Training™ is a bona fide sport of exercise in a genre of fitness called High Intensity Progressive Circuit Training™. Each hour-long workout presents a different challenge in which a list of physical Tasks are to be completed for a score. These scores are tabulated in a company-wide database providing for a comprehensive statistical look at your fitness progression and for comparison against athletes on the turf.

  • Who can take Syphus Training™?

    Anyone and everyone looking to get into shape. All of our classes are done in a group, but at the individual’s pace. It’s great for those simply looking to lose weight and gain muscle tone. Likewise, it’s a perfect way to break up the monotony of boring training routines. Then again, this training is ideal – even tailored – to the avid exerciser or athlete looking to push themselves to new limits.

  • What are Tasks?

    In Syphus Training™ we call our exercises Tasks. From simple to complex these Tasks come in the form of cardio, stregnth, plyometric, core, agility and Syphus Specific™ exercises. With currently over 400 different Tasks, each task provides a unique challenge.

  • What are Circuits?

    In Syphus Training™ we have over 70 different circuits. Each circuit is poses a different evolution, or progression of tasks which makes every workout a new experience. Overcoming each circuit requires different strategy and physical output.

  • What is an ROQ?

    Relative Overall Quotient, or ROQ, is a score that Syphus Training™ participants work to attain and improve. Consider this number to be your fitness IQ, or fitness credit score of sorts. This number is graded on a scale from 1-1000 with scoring about 1000 only being possible if you finish a routine in under an hour. This number serves several purposes; It can show you your current state of fitness, it will serve as a way to monitor your progress and it will motivate you by creating a healthy level of competition amongst others involved in Syphus Training ™.

  • How is the ROQ derived?

    Many factors go into figuring out one’s Relative Overall Quotient. The simplest explanation is that we use something called the ROQ Formula which takes every Task’s difficulty, the the time in which they’re completed in, and calculates a score based on these numbers.

  • What is a Boulder?

    We have several different Boulders, also known as averages, that we record. Namely, we have a Season, Career and 30-day Boulder. The most accurate depiction of your current fitness level is your 30-day Boulder which is a snapshot of you workouts within the last 30 days. This Boulder (average) is the basis for which your plus/minus stat and current rank in the Syphus world are compared.

  • What is the Sypher?

    The SYPHER is our code of conduct. They are the rules by which you should try to obey to when Syphus Training™.

  • What does it cost?

    We accept only cash, checks and VISA/MasterCards. We have several different packages, please visit the Rates Page for details.

  • How can I sign up?

    Click on the schedule and sign up page. You will then have to choose a location. This will take you to a third party site called MindBody where you will then be able to use Facebook, Gmail or create an account to sign up for class.

  • How do I cancel my autopay membership?

    Please contact your Turf's manager or email the Turf that you belong to for cancellation.

  • What should I bring?

    It’s recommended that you bring a quality pair of shoes. Any type of cross trainers, turf or court tennis shoes are great. Running shoes are not ideal. You may also elect to bring gloves, a towel and a water although we do sell waters on site.

  • Where can I do Syphus Training™?

    We currently have 5 different locations in the Metro Detroit area. Please refer our Turfs page for locations and contact information.

  • What is Gamut?

    Gamut is a class that we offer at select locations that blend traditional strength training and Syphus Training in one 55 minute workout.

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