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Syphus Training is an intelligent and creative genre of exercise that uses sport, statistics and competition. It is the first fitness concept to connect its members and locations through its own social network.
The result: A welcoming team-like atmosphere for all fitness levels.

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About Syphus Training

Dubbed the ‘hardest workout” Syphus Training is the one true sport of exercise. Attempt our unique blend of body weight exercises known as “tasks” to find out how your fitness level ranks among others. Track your progress with comprehensive statistics and use those numbers for competition.

Whether you’re a professional athlete or a newbie to exercise, this is your chance to become part of a movement that’s primed and ready to take over the fitness world.


  • Workouts

    Every day is a different challenge. Never do the same workout twice.

  • Stats

    Comprehensive analysis of all scores and trends for everyone Syphus-wide.

  • Tasks

    Primal and athletic movements. No machines needed; you are one.

  • Scores

    Receive a score for the day based on your performance.